TIINNS(Tsukuba Integrated International Network Navigation System)は、協定校との交換留学プログラム、海外拠点活動、海外研究者とのネットワーク、帰国留学生の同窓会など本学の国際連携活動に関する様々な情報、リソース、人的ネットワークを可視化し、学生、教職員、卒業生の誰もが自らの国際連携活動に活用できるシステムを構築することを目指しています。





We are implementing a project to establish Tsukuba Integrated International Network Navigation System, TIINNS for short. It aims to enable stakeholders of University of Tsukuba to access and utilize various information, resources and human networks that are part of our international cooperation activities, such as student exchange programs, overseas office activities, international researcher networks, and alumni associations of former international students.

In order to achieve the above objective, TIINNS implements the following three activities:

Currently, we are in operational test of TIINNS, collecting and indexing information on academic cooperation with partner universities.

By clicking the 「TIINNS」 "TIINNS button" in the list on the above link, only password holders will be able to access the 'Exchange Achievements with the Partner University' document similar to the sample below. However, please note that for the purpose of personal information protection some data will not be displayed.

 Sample PDF(For campus use only)

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