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On March 5, 2013, University of Tsukuba paid a visit to HCMC University of Sport. Professors from University of Tsukuba have met with professors from HCMC University of Sport and discussed the possibility of future cooperation between two sides.

After the meeting, professors from University of Tsukuba have organized a university fair with attendance of students and young staffs of HCMC University of Sport.

Professor Yasunori Kanaho, Provost of Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba, opened the fair with an introduction of the Graduate School. Then, Professor Satoshi Shimizu continued to introduce University of Tsukuba and Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences. After that; attendees were presented the “Physical Education and Teacher Education in Japan” by Prof. Yoshinori Okade; “Brain Physiology and Human Movement” by Mr. Kazuki Hyodo, the student of Doctoral Program in Health and Sport Sciences. Students were also introduced the “Master’s Program in International Development and Peace Through Sport” by Dr. Taku Yamaguchi.

The fair has provided students with helpful information on University of Tsukuba such as educational programs relevant to sport and physical education, research fields in Health and Sport Science, etc.

At the end of the fair, Assistant Prof. Shusaku Kiryu presented to the audience Judo Master Jigoro Kano’s Thought and practiced Judo with students from HCMC University of Sport.