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Study in English at Tsukuba

With nearly 140 years of history, the University of Tsukuba has a long and distinguished history as one of Japan's premier educational establishments. Tsukuba has always been one of Japan's more international universities, with the foreign community an important part of our character.
Now, with the advent of a range of new degree programs taught entirely in English, the opportunity to study in Tsukuba can be offered to an even greater range of people from all over the world.

Undergraduate Degrees Programs

School of Life and Environmental Science

Agro-biological resources form the basis of human society, as well as providing a safe and healthy life. Through a comprehensive study of this subject, the College of Agro-biological Sciences fosters people who are able to contribute to food security in Japan and the wider world, and to the development, preservation and ongoing use of environmentally friendly agrobiological resources.

The 21st century has been dubbed the "Century of Biology". Technological advances have led to a revolution in our understanding of the relatedness of living organisms, and to the development of new research fields seeking to understand the processes underlying organismal development. Meanwhile, our society faces a broad range of challenges in terms of both food and fuel security. All these research areas, and more, can be studied in our undergraduate degree program in biological sciences.

The College of Geoscience of the University of Tsukuba is top-ranked in Japan and is known for its outstanding research at an international level. Pioneering research of our College includes earthquake physics, weather forecasting, forest hydrology, permafrost creep, GIS (geographical information systems) and many more.

School of Medicine and Medical Sciences

The International Undergraduate–Education Program for Medical Scientists is offered to international students by the University of Tsukuba’s School of Medical Sciences. In this program, transferees enter the university as 3rd-year students and study for 2 years towards a Bachelor’s degree in medical sciences.

School of Social and International Studies

The University of Tsukuba undergraduate degree in International Social Sciences equips students with the skills to understand and interpret a changing world. The program allows students to earn a degree through classes taught in English. It focuses on a comprehensive and multidisciplinary study of international affairs, including the study of languages other than English, and analytical methods drawn from social sciences and related fields. It gives insights into key topics in both Japanese and international social studies using a multidisciplinary approach.

Short Programs

Graduate School of Business Science

Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences

School of Medicine and Medical Sciences

Exchange Programs